List of Teaching Faculty- Department of English and Humanities
S.No Photo Name Designation Qualification Experience Profile
1 Prof.Vemuri Rupa Professor, HOD M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D,B.Ed.B.L.I.Sc.,Diploma in French 27.0 Yr(s) More
2 Ms.T. Deepa Assistant Professor M.Com., MBA (Finance), DCA, (Ph.D) 16.8 Yr(s) More
3 Dr.G.Serwani Venkata Swamy Assistant Professor M.A.,M.Phil.Ph.D. 16.8 Yr(s) More
4 Dr.A.A.Vijaya Jyothi Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed.,Ph.D. 18.1 Yr(s) More
5 Ms.Sabirunnisa Gouse Assistant Professor M.A.,M.Phil, (Ph.D) 11.8 Yr(s) More
6 Dr. P. Meena Grace Assistant Professor M.A.,PH.D Gold Medalist, TESOL from UK 24.8 Yr(s) More
7 Ms.K.Rekha Assistant Professor M.A ENGLISH, B.Ed , APSET, (Ph.D) 4.9 Yr(s) More
8 Ms.Abhibunnisha Begum Assistant Professor M.A. (English) B.Ed., PGDELL, PGDFE, DTESL, (Ph.D) 10.0 Yr(s) More
9 Ms.Pappu Prasanna Kumari Assistant Professor M.A.(Thesis submitted for Ph.D.) 2.6 Yr(s) More
10 Dr.Chaitanya Gadhiraju Assistant Professor M.A.,UGCNET, APSET,Ph.D. 1.0 Yr(s) More
11 Ms.Vanka Lakshmi Sruthi Teaching Assistant M.A.,B.Ed. 2.0 Yr(s) More
12 Ms.Sunandha Tulasi T. Teaching Assistant M.A. Eng. Lit. ,B.Ed, PGDELL 0.0 Yr(s) More


S.No.Name DesignationExperience
1Mr.N.Siva Krishna Attender6 Yrs 8 months
2Mr.B.SureshAttender4 years 5 months
3Mr.P. Gowreeswara Rao Attender----